Thursday, December 28, 2017

Looking Back at 2017

Hmmm... taking this week to "look back" at my year.
These were my plans for the year way back on January 1st.

---Get my shop functional...
---Sand down that old truck and get it repainted.
---Plush garden overrunning with fresh veggies.
---Paint the exterior of our home...ALL of it.
---More photography.
---More pickin' & grinnin'  (guitar & singing)
---A "vacation" to a state I've never been to.

Oh boy!!  Of all those... while I WORKED on all of them...
Most I did not complete.  Only one was accomplished.
I did have a plush garden overrunning with veggies!
BUT, Not much work on the truck at all.  No vacation.  
Very little photography.  Very little pickin' & grinnin'.  
Guess I'll be spending this week doing some self-evaluation!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Winter Has Arrived in Georgia

Sitting here today watching it sleet, and snow, and...rain!
And then mix it up, swirl the wind around, and repeat.
On Monday it was 70 degrees (F).
Today it's 34 or so.  
But that gave us time to make a huge dent in our 
Christmas decorating for the holiday.
Here is our mantel.
"The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...
in hopes that St. Nick soon would be there."