Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Farming On My Mind

Using this time to plan next year's garden.
I'm having to rethink my entire area and do some garden "remodeling."

The NEW PLAN:    
Step 1---- I've removed all of the fruit trees!
(They NEVER produced any fruit.  What did come on there were eaten by the squirrels, so I'm tired of them just being "in the way."
Step 2---- Relocating the blueberry bushes!
Moving those red bushes next to the gazebo out to another location next to my "original bushes" 
Step 3---- Till, cultivate, and make 8 new beds!
Hopefully 4 by the Spring planting, and 4 more by the late summer planting for Fall crops.
(This picture shows 2 new ones done already.)

Sunday, November 26, 2017

I'm Still Alive And Kicking!

In case anyone was wondering... yep, I'm still here!
Since my last post... I've been working on my shop 
... painting the house  ... cutting grass a few more times
...planning the 2018 garden projects
... and... well, all kinds of stuff.   
Good thing I'm RETIRED !!