Monday, July 3, 2017

Garden Update, Mid-Season

Hard to believe our gardening season is half over!
But I'm hanging in there, and working hard. 
Here's where my garden stands today:
Tomatoes.... seven feet tall;  picking ever other day, and picked over 50 tomatoes the other day!
Squash.... 1st planting beginning to die off;  2nd planting had its first picking this week, so they are off and running.  We've already put 6 casseroles in the freezer!
Cucumbers.... 25 pints of pickles in the pantry;  I've pulled up some of the plants to reduce the amount we're picking.  Other plants are slowing down too, so they are about finished.
Peas.... picked my first peas this week.  After shelling, had a good 1 1/2 pints in the freezer.  More picking coming this week.
Blueberries....  Totally over-running with berries!  We have around 25 - 30 QUARTS in the freezer already.  Thinking seriously about removing my cage I worked so hard on, and let the birds help me out!  And yes, we have been giving them away to friends and family that want to come help us pick.  
WHAT A GREAT SEASON SO FAR.  I hope the second half does this well.  Got more of the same crops coming, plus OKRA that is getting ready to bloom.  And a couple of other things I'm going to plant in the vacated beds... perhaps next week.