Sunday, January 1, 2017

Looking Ahead....

Well.... hello there!
A new year has shown up here at my place,
and I'm happy to see it.  I'm happy to see every one of them!
And along with the new year, I also find new hopes,
and new dreams, and new beginnings.
So it's time for making plans to fulfill those hopes and dreams.
But since I don't do "resolutions!" I'll be content with generalized "goals" for 2017.
Not too many... nothing too difficult.
But some things I want to achieve before December 31st.
So here you go... in no particular order (yes, I'll share.)
---Get my shop functional... or complete it!
---Sand down that old truck and get it repainted.
---Plush garden overrunning with fresh veggies.
---Paint the exterior of our home...ALL of it.
---More photography.
---More pickin' & grinnin'  (guitar & singing)
---A "vacation" to a state I've never been to.

And that's SEVEN.  Seven was a good number all through
the Bible, so that's a good enough number for me.
Happy New Year to all.