Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Off And Running....

It's a new year!!  Got the same "projects" going on!
These three represent my focus so far this year...
1.  Bathroom remodel
2.  Pick up truck remodel
3.  Genealogy--a book about my grandparents.
It's a juggling feat well worth Ringling & Brothers,
but wait.....they've closed down now.
Oh well... I'll stay the course...
Hopefully something will get finished before
my "gardening season" gets here....
It's a race against time.  
Oh retirement! Where are thou??

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Not A Good Way To Start The Year

Yesterday morning I found one of my hen's dead.
No signs of trouble... just lying there in the run area.
So I took care of that, and then fed the other 4.
This afternoon, the white one was found dead.
No signs of trouble... just lying there in the run area.
Now I'm down to 3 hens total....
I have no way of knowing why...
Just nature "taking it's course" I suppose.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Looking Ahead....

Well.... hello there!
A new year has shown up here at my place,
and I'm happy to see it.  I'm happy to see every one of them!
And along with the new year, I also find new hopes,
and new dreams, and new beginnings.
So it's time for making plans to fulfill those hopes and dreams.
But since I don't do "resolutions!" I'll be content with generalized "goals" for 2017.
Not too many... nothing too difficult.
But some things I want to achieve before December 31st.
So here you go... in no particular order (yes, I'll share.)
---Get my shop functional... or complete it!
---Sand down that old truck and get it repainted.
---Plush garden overrunning with fresh veggies.
---Paint the exterior of our home...ALL of it.
---More photography.
---More pickin' & grinnin'  (guitar & singing)
---A "vacation" to a state I've never been to.

And that's SEVEN.  Seven was a good number all through
the Bible, so that's a good enough number for me.
Happy New Year to all.