Thursday, December 28, 2017

Looking Back at 2017

Hmmm... taking this week to "look back" at my year.
These were my plans for the year way back on January 1st.

---Get my shop functional...
---Sand down that old truck and get it repainted.
---Plush garden overrunning with fresh veggies.
---Paint the exterior of our home...ALL of it.
---More photography.
---More pickin' & grinnin'  (guitar & singing)
---A "vacation" to a state I've never been to.

Oh boy!!  Of all those... while I WORKED on all of them...
Most I did not complete.  Only one was accomplished.
I did have a plush garden overrunning with veggies!
BUT, Not much work on the truck at all.  No vacation.  
Very little photography.  Very little pickin' & grinnin'.  
Guess I'll be spending this week doing some self-evaluation!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Winter Has Arrived in Georgia

Sitting here today watching it sleet, and snow, and...rain!
And then mix it up, swirl the wind around, and repeat.
On Monday it was 70 degrees (F).
Today it's 34 or so.  
But that gave us time to make a huge dent in our 
Christmas decorating for the holiday.
Here is our mantel.
"The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...
in hopes that St. Nick soon would be there."

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Farming On My Mind

Using this time to plan next year's garden.
I'm having to rethink my entire area and do some garden "remodeling."

The NEW PLAN:    
Step 1---- I've removed all of the fruit trees!
(They NEVER produced any fruit.  What did come on there were eaten by the squirrels, so I'm tired of them just being "in the way."
Step 2---- Relocating the blueberry bushes!
Moving those red bushes next to the gazebo out to another location next to my "original bushes" 
Step 3---- Till, cultivate, and make 8 new beds!
Hopefully 4 by the Spring planting, and 4 more by the late summer planting for Fall crops.
(This picture shows 2 new ones done already.)

Sunday, November 26, 2017

I'm Still Alive And Kicking!

In case anyone was wondering... yep, I'm still here!
Since my last post... I've been working on my shop 
... painting the house  ... cutting grass a few more times
...planning the 2018 garden projects
... and... well, all kinds of stuff.   
Good thing I'm RETIRED !! 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

It's Finished for 2017

The garden is DONE!
I'm still getting Okra, but all other crops are finished.
Beds are cleaned out, black plastic put down on the beds to kill grass and weeds and seeds left in the dirt. 
When it's time to till the ground for over-wintering in October,  I'll take all that up and turn the ground over then.
But it has been a very good year around here.  The freezer is full and the pantry shelves are stocked as we look forward to Fall and Winter.  Always nice to be eating a fresh squash casserole, or a big bowl of peas, "fresh from the garden" in January!  

Monday, July 10, 2017

More, and More, and More....

I hate to post...AGAIN...about the garden, but that's my life right now!
Things are going great!  Best garden I've had in years.
In reality, I AM getting tired of picking.
And the Mrs. is getting tired of cutting it up and canning or freezing, even though I try to help with that part too.
But our aim each year is to eat out of the garden all summer, AND when times are good, through the winter as well.
Thank God for such abundance this year.
(Picked this 2-gallon bucket of tomatoes this morning.)

Monday, July 3, 2017

Garden Update, Mid-Season

Hard to believe our gardening season is half over!
But I'm hanging in there, and working hard. 
Here's where my garden stands today:
Tomatoes.... seven feet tall;  picking ever other day, and picked over 50 tomatoes the other day!
Squash.... 1st planting beginning to die off;  2nd planting had its first picking this week, so they are off and running.  We've already put 6 casseroles in the freezer!
Cucumbers.... 25 pints of pickles in the pantry;  I've pulled up some of the plants to reduce the amount we're picking.  Other plants are slowing down too, so they are about finished.
Peas.... picked my first peas this week.  After shelling, had a good 1 1/2 pints in the freezer.  More picking coming this week.
Blueberries....  Totally over-running with berries!  We have around 25 - 30 QUARTS in the freezer already.  Thinking seriously about removing my cage I worked so hard on, and let the birds help me out!  And yes, we have been giving them away to friends and family that want to come help us pick.  
WHAT A GREAT SEASON SO FAR.  I hope the second half does this well.  Got more of the same crops coming, plus OKRA that is getting ready to bloom.  And a couple of other things I'm going to plant in the vacated beds... perhaps next week.


Monday, June 19, 2017

Picking Time!

Well, picking season has arrived!
Loaded up with squash... already putting casseroles in the freezer.
Loaded up with cucumbers... already made a batch of pickles.
Good picking of snap beans... got 5 quarts in the pantry.
OVERLOADED with Blueberries... picking every 2 days.
And with the rains we've had regularly, I suspect things will continue along nicely.  My "second plantings" are already up too, and about to begin blooming... peas, beans, and squash.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Caged In

No blueberries for TWO years, thanks to the birds!
Well, when I saw my old plants, standing 7 feet tall and 7 feet wide,
and bending over from the weight of berries,
I decided to do something about it.
Made me a "hoop house" that really is a cage!
No birds in there now!  Just lots of berries waiting to turn blue!
It ain't pretty, but it's functional.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Back To The Garden

I'm in and out of the garden nowadays.
Squash is finally coming along nicely!
Now if my peas and beans would wake up,
things would be perfect!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Barn/Workshop Update

It's been a little while since any mention of my barn update.
Still slowly...very slowly working on it.
Finally finished the front, and "turned the corner."
This section required a "window"
So I just used an old DOOR I had lying around.
It was free.  And it worked.

Monday, May 1, 2017

My Book Is Done!

My BOOK is now at the publisher!
It has definitely been a "labor of love."
More later.... stay tuned !!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

And We're Off and Running...

Step TWO... Complete!
All the seeds are planted for my first planting. 
And the tomato plants are set out, and pinestraw mulch added.
And the rains have come often. 
NOW... sunshine bring out those plants!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New Guard In Town

Trying something new this year. 
Rather than a SCARECROW, I have put out a plastic replica of an OWL.
And this baby is doing the job superbly well.  So far.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Gardening Time!!


Sunday, March 26, 2017


Celebrating 50 years of marriage. 
My goodness, where did that time go?

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Off And Running....

It's a new year!!  Got the same "projects" going on!
These three represent my focus so far this year...
1.  Bathroom remodel
2.  Pick up truck remodel
3.  Genealogy--a book about my grandparents.
It's a juggling feat well worth Ringling & Brothers,
but wait.....they've closed down now.
Oh well... I'll stay the course...
Hopefully something will get finished before
my "gardening season" gets here....
It's a race against time.  
Oh retirement! Where are thou??

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Not A Good Way To Start The Year

Yesterday morning I found one of my hen's dead.
No signs of trouble... just lying there in the run area.
So I took care of that, and then fed the other 4.
This afternoon, the white one was found dead.
No signs of trouble... just lying there in the run area.
Now I'm down to 3 hens total....
I have no way of knowing why...
Just nature "taking it's course" I suppose.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Looking Ahead....

Well.... hello there!
A new year has shown up here at my place,
and I'm happy to see it.  I'm happy to see every one of them!
And along with the new year, I also find new hopes,
and new dreams, and new beginnings.
So it's time for making plans to fulfill those hopes and dreams.
But since I don't do "resolutions!" I'll be content with generalized "goals" for 2017.
Not too many... nothing too difficult.
But some things I want to achieve before December 31st.
So here you go... in no particular order (yes, I'll share.)
---Get my shop functional... or complete it!
---Sand down that old truck and get it repainted.
---Plush garden overrunning with fresh veggies.
---Paint the exterior of our home...ALL of it.
---More photography.
---More pickin' & grinnin'  (guitar & singing)
---A "vacation" to a state I've never been to.

And that's SEVEN.  Seven was a good number all through
the Bible, so that's a good enough number for me.
Happy New Year to all.