Saturday, June 25, 2016

"Restructuring The Barn" Project

Even with this unbearable HEAT, I still have projects to do.
So up early this morning--when it was only 80--and out to the barn.
A few weeks ago, I put in a cement block wall in the first section.
Today I "rebuilt" the wall framing for that section.
I added a door.  And also had to "relocate" that electric box.
The entire section is 10 feet long, and there are 4 to do.
It was HOT!  I was Sweating!  And I broke my glasses!
But I did get this part finished before lunch time.
And after lunch I just rested in the A/C....

We're Having A Heat Wave

Georgia is in a drought already for 2016 !
Well, middle Georgia, anyway.
Well, MY little area to be more precise!
Rain passes by... just to the North... just to the South.
But nothing here to even wet the ground.
And my garden is dying!
I've watered... and watered... but that's just keeping it alive.
Not enough to really boost the growth.
Here are my cucumbers... and they were planted end of May.
Two little blossoms appeared, and then dried up.
I've threatened to plow the entire garden under, and replant when the rainy season gets here. 
Crossing my fingers.  And praying for a little rain.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Another Side-Bar

Seems like I just get sooooo busy that I forget about my blog.
Ok, we all are aware of that!
Among all the "outside" chores, I do get other things done.
And one of them is helping do our home-canning.
So this canning season starts off with one of my favorites--PEACH PRESERVES.
Jars were sterilized...
Peaches cooked... and cooked...
And finally, jars filled, and processed, and ready for the table!