Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Today's Random-ness


1.  Spent a good hour taking down the protective "fence" I had put up around the garden just to keep the chickens out.  Got it all rolled up and put away!
2. Now that this year's garden is all but done, the chickens quickly took the hint with the fence being down, and they headed out in single file to peck at the old tomatoes, and scratch in the debris beneath the plants.
3.  With two days of rain--and me not doing anything but sitting at my computer--the grass in the garden was a pain to try and cut.  It didn't help that it was still WET from last night's rain, but I'm glad I got started on getting it cleaned up.
4.  My SECOND selfie of all time.  Here I am resting under the maple tree in the shade after two hours of sweat and exertion.  What you see is what you get... sorry!