Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Family Story

If you've paid any attention to my sidebar, you have noticed one of my "interests" is Genealogy--researching my families of the past.  And occasionally I'll run across some little known stories that are just precious jewels in this old man's heart.  Here's one.

(The young lady that is the subject of this story is my Grandfather's SECOND cousin....)

Sunday, May 22, 1927   Augusta’s Aviatrix
            “Just as the news reached Augusta yesterday afternoon that ‘Lucky Charles’ Lindbergh had safely reached Paris on his epochal and history making flight, Mrs. Agnes Holliman, 19 years old, was completing her aerial performance, which to her, and to many Augustans, was as daring and difficult as the New York to Paris trip of the ‘Flying Fool.’  When Sig Smith advertised in The Chronicle some days ago for an Augusta girl to show her nerve by performing this stunt, most Augustans laughed at the advertisement and the idea of an Augustan doing it…. He heard from 15 applicants who wanted to swing from the plane and selected one of the lightest in the group since, it is stated, Mrs. Holliman weighs less than 100 pounds.
            As the afternoon drew on yesterday, and the plane was late in appearing many thought that the Augusta girl had ‘backed out.’  But, she had not.  And when she was seen swinging from the light but speedy airplane piloted by Mac Johnson, staking her life on a pair of sheer silk stockings, many thought that her death was only a matter of minutes.  But the feat was successful and Mrs. Holliman will never forget that thrill of speeding through space at 100 miles an hour, riding outside the airplane.”