Saturday, June 27, 2015

Picking and Grinning

Garden has LOVED all this rain and hot sunshine!  Tomatoes are outgrowing their cages!  Peas are blooming like crazy!  Squash and Zuchinni are covering my kitchen counters! 
So today...I stayed inside and canned home-made peach salsa!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Chicken And Beans

It's been a HOT week!  Plus another few days!  I was going to post about the 101F temperature I registered the other day, but decided to only mention it here.... this is really about our 10th day in a row in the 90's(F).  I'm ready for FALL......

Now about today's post.... I've "turned my chickens loose" and letting them roar freely around the acre that makes up my garden and orchard.  And they are loving it.  A few days ago I was out there to do some work, and couldn't resist this picture of them deeply involved in scratching around in my green beans (SNAP BEANS actually).   Anyway... I thought it was funny.  And when I go out every night just before dark to put them in their coop for the night, they all come running to me!!  They know I'm going to give them a little "snack" before turning in.... See how I spoil those that depend on me!!! 

Friday, June 12, 2015


While walking along our front porch to water her flowers, the Mrs. got a wonderful surprise..... NOT!!  Of course she called me, and all I did was take a couple of pictures and leave it alone!   LOL

Monday, June 8, 2015

JUNE is Off and Running!

Between my last post--the End of May....---and today's post about this first week of June, things have started thriving in the garden.  We had one solid week of rains--heavy rains from all of those storms that caused flooding in Texas.  Thankfully it wasn't that bad here, but it WAS some good solid rains of more than an inch or two PER DAY for about the entire week.  And boy, the garden is now showing it's appreciation too!!   From gathering nothing (and nothing being ready to pick) we have now CANNED 8 PINTS OF PICKLES from our fresh cucumbers.  And today I picked another 8 of them!  I also picked my first two red tomatoes today as well, and several more are beginning to turn.  Also, the squash and zuchinni are blooming, along with a few of my green beans.  Yep... things have come alive!!