Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Busy Times!

I've been so caught up in things going on around here, that I've totally neglected my blogging community of friends.... thanks Betsy, for your friendly prod on Facebook!   So here's what's been happening, and to bring all up to date:
  • Baby-sitting those EIGHT new little chicks that are growing like weeds.  TODAY was their first day outside.  I completed building a separate "chicken-tractor" that is portable, and they were taken out there today.  Brought back in to my screened porch under a heat lamp for the night though...
  • Keeping the grass cut on 4 acres of "lawn"... started bush-hogging the pastures too.
  • Garden is all planted... well, the 1st half anyway!!  Most of the seeds have sprouted, and I have new little "baby tomatoes".... Will be tilling up the other half and planting it in about two weeks.
  • Adventures with great grandson Gavin every single day!  Today he helped me finish the portable coop by "holding" a board while I cut it.  Then he was gone, and when I called, he came from behind the barn chasing "Girlie", my only large laying hen.  And he almost caught her too!