Saturday, May 30, 2015

End of May's Gardening Update

We've finally got some good "garden variety" rain during the last week, and that has helped move things along somewhat.  Right now, the only veggie I'm picking--EVERYDAY--are the pickling cucumbers!  I believe we will be canning a batch of pickles next week!!    Other than that, everything is growing good, and it won't be long before other things should start getting ready.... I suspect the tomatoes may be next on the list!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day

Today I cooked on the grill. 
And then ate my fill
After watching the long parade of bikers
Pay honor to those that served
And the rest of the day I chilled.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mr. Scarecrow

Couldn't have my garden at all if I didn't include a SCARECROW.   So here is my new one for 2015....

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Different Week; Different Chores

This past week the Mrs. and I got a "break" from all our daily helter-skelter activities!   The Daughter, her Daughter, as well as little Gavin and his Mom, all went to Disney World for a week long vacation!   And we got one at the same time!   Sorta.... 

We had already been planning a project here at the house, and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity to attempt it.... I REGLAZED OUR KITCHEN SINK!!!   All together, the prep work, the sanding, the spraying took 4 hours on Wednesday afternoon.   Then it had to CURE for 72 HOURS, which meant we could NOT use the sink at all until Saturday night.   So no cooking!!  And we were "forced" to eat out somewhere every single night--Longhorns Steakhouse, Red Lobster Seafood, Pizza Hut (just to throw in a good pizza)---you know, places like that!  It was great!  And the sink turned out great too, even if I do say so myself.   So we added complete new fixtures as we put it all back together!!  Another project off the list!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Now We're Rolling!

This was the garden yesterday afternoon... not too bad for mid-May...
And I've MOVED THE CHICKS into the coop with "Girlie". Oh BOY!!!   Two days of showing them all who was the ruler of THIS little roost!!  Seems to be settling down now.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Fun With The Chickens

Great grandson Gavin had a lot of fun this week... and I had fun watching him too!
We also spent time watching the "new" teenagers adjust to their new OUTSIDE surroundings.  (Notice the one on top of the watering bottle!)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Garden Comes ALIVE!!

Since I've got my garden started, and I haven't shared with the world out there, here are a couple of pictures to get you all up to date with  me!!   (I do NOT have pictures yet, but my PEAS have sprouted, as well as my yellow squash and zuchinni...) MORE ON THOSE LATER.
(And pay no attention to the stack of boards in the background.... those are my "raised beds" I had in place last year... 2015 I'm just going with beds "in the ground" .... )
The TOMATOES are about a foot or two tall, and have "baby" green tomatoes on them.....
And the pickling cucumbers are just about to reach the bottom rung of the wire I put up for them to run on.... those POSTS were hand cut, and put in place totally manually....

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Busy Times!

I've been so caught up in things going on around here, that I've totally neglected my blogging community of friends.... thanks Betsy, for your friendly prod on Facebook!   So here's what's been happening, and to bring all up to date:
  • Baby-sitting those EIGHT new little chicks that are growing like weeds.  TODAY was their first day outside.  I completed building a separate "chicken-tractor" that is portable, and they were taken out there today.  Brought back in to my screened porch under a heat lamp for the night though...
  • Keeping the grass cut on 4 acres of "lawn"... started bush-hogging the pastures too.
  • Garden is all planted... well, the 1st half anyway!!  Most of the seeds have sprouted, and I have new little "baby tomatoes".... Will be tilling up the other half and planting it in about two weeks.
  • Adventures with great grandson Gavin every single day!  Today he helped me finish the portable coop by "holding" a board while I cut it.  Then he was gone, and when I called, he came from behind the barn chasing "Girlie", my only large laying hen.  And he almost caught her too!