Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Taking Another Walk

Just getting settled from our weekend get-away, and of course, I always like to get outside and just "walk around."  This is a picture of my garden taken from the back yard GATE going into the garden. I do enjoy just walking and dreaming, and this gate just gives me fuel for thought.... you too, maybe?

This long walkway leads to the natural gazebo in the "center" of my little acre!  Just to the left are my blueberries (about 40 plants);  then a long vine/trellis of black muscadines also on the left;  and on the right is a long vine/trellis of golden scuppernongs;   then the fruit orchard bringing the rear, and you can see my blooming peach trees there in the center (pink blossoms).  The orchard also includes figs, pears, apples, pomegranites, and cherries.  And THAT my friends is what I do in my "spare time."