Thursday, March 5, 2015

Random Acts of Kindness

This picture is from an internet "photo stock" library.  But I thought it pretty much served as a good one to close out the final week (officially) of Random Acts of Kindness, hosted by Betsy Brock over at My Five Men.  It's been great reading all the neat things people have done.  And this photo also brings me to my attempt of kindness for this week.

A gentleman and his wife were on a sidewalk at the end of a Kroger Grocery shopping mall.  His sign simply said, "lost my job... need food for my family."   I stopped as I was leaving the parking area, and gave him some money.  However, I'd like to point out an even LARGER act of kindness that I witnessed there just before I drove up to him.  A woman pulled her car up alongside the couple, talked for just a bit, and his wife got in the car with her.  She drove through the parking lot, and stopped in a spot in front of the grocery store.  There she proceeded to walk inside with the woman.  I can only assume from what I saw, that the lady in the car did not want to donate money, but instead offered to take her directly to the grocery store and buy them some food.  I did not see them leave, so I do not know that for sure, but I will go with my imagination on this one, and my gut feeling.  I am a person full of hope that this world still has wonderful people in it willing to help out anyone in need.  And I like to think that I, too, am one of those.