Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Little Friend

On Friday's my hectic week slows down just a little from driving to and fro to meet scheduled appointments.  So once in a while I get to slow down, and enjoy a leisurely lunch with my great grandson, Gavin.  He is 3..... going on 15! (He thinks!)  Anyway, he has discovered McDonald's, and loves their fries, and chicken nuggets, and PLAY LAND!!  So here he is, patiently waiting and trying to finish his nuggets, so "Pa" will let him go play.  What a joy the little fellow is.  And learning and absorbing things like a sponge too!  And everyday it's some new phrase he's picked up from somewhere, and even more amazing is that he uses it properly in a sentence. For example, we were just having a little conversation--about what I can't remember now--and out of nowhere he comes out with, "that just doesn't make sense!"   No wonder us adults have to watch what we say... little ears are always listening!