Monday, February 9, 2015

A Day Late, And A Dollar....

OK...OK.   I KNOW I've not posted for a while...AGAIN!   Sometimes life gets in the way, and wraps its arms around me in such a way that I forget about everything.  But I finally got to do the random act of kindness for LAST WEEK's first posting..... today is the first time I've been through a drive thru in a while, and I bought lunch for the person behind me!   I saw them flashing their lights as I drove away.  Loved it!!

And just for the record regarding my absence from posting.....the object of all my attention has been a dull, nagging, ache in my mouth for weeks.... finally got to the dentist to discover a cracked tooth (even though all still attached).  So THIS week is the appointment to have it removed.  So yes, I've been pre-occupied mentally. Now on to the rest of this week and what it holds good and bad.