Saturday, February 28, 2015

Warm And Cozy

During our recent "cold snap," I finally felt the need to get a fire going in the fireplace.  Actually, it was our first one for this winter season.   I had forgotten how good it can feel to stand there in front of it, the heat oozing out onto the backs of my legs until it became almost unbearable!  And then I turned around to warm up the front as the back cooled down.  Hahahaha.... and it didn't take little Gavin long to find him a nice warm spot to sit for most of the day either.  Ahhhh yes, nothing like a good warm, cozy spot for all ages.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Random Act of Kindness

This week is Girl Scout Cookie Week here around our area!  The cookies are in!  And every Walmart within miles has at least ONE girl scout troop with a table set up catching us on the way out of the store!  We have a niece--well, several--that sell these wonderful cookies every year, so our order had already been placed and delivered.

With that being said, though, I stopped in a Walmart the other evening for something, and on my way out heard the young girls squealing their advertisments for cookies.  Having all we needed,  I decided to just be "kind" in a random sort of way.  I walked up to the table, all the  girls stopped squealing as they watched my every move.  The adult leader was also standing there, so I handed her a $10 bill, and told her to be sure that was for the GIRLS and the troop, and NOT for any cookies.  "OH???" was her reply.  I smiled.... she smiled.... and as I turned to leave she called out "THANK YOU!"   I smiled all the way to my car.  That was fun!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Projects Continued....

It's been wet, and it's been cold.  And I've been INSIDE (except for driving everywhere several times a day).  Anyway, today I have been wrapping up this week's project.... crown molding in our dining room!   This pic was the last piece to go in....

Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Little Friend

On Friday's my hectic week slows down just a little from driving to and fro to meet scheduled appointments.  So once in a while I get to slow down, and enjoy a leisurely lunch with my great grandson, Gavin.  He is 3..... going on 15! (He thinks!)  Anyway, he has discovered McDonald's, and loves their fries, and chicken nuggets, and PLAY LAND!!  So here he is, patiently waiting and trying to finish his nuggets, so "Pa" will let him go play.  What a joy the little fellow is.  And learning and absorbing things like a sponge too!  And everyday it's some new phrase he's picked up from somewhere, and even more amazing is that he uses it properly in a sentence. For example, we were just having a little conversation--about what I can't remember now--and out of nowhere he comes out with, "that just doesn't make sense!"   No wonder us adults have to watch what we say... little ears are always listening!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Some Goodness in Everything

The USA is in a deep-freeze!!  Well, most of it anyway!  And this week, our Spring-like temperatures headed South for the remainder of the Winter!   But...  there's always some goodness in everything if we look hard enough.  So I stopped the other morning to snap this picture (with my cell phone).  I'm calling it, "Sunrise Over Walmart!"   So there.   That is my warm, positive thought during this spell of brutal cold weather... 15F degrees here this morning.  Same again tomorrow.  At least no ice or snow for me---YET!   Hope it stays that way too!   (I can tell I've finally gotten "old.")

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"Early Spring"

February!  I know the groundhog here in GA declared an early Spring.  And for us that usually means a few warm days in a row somewhere along mid-February, and then cold again.  And then another string of warm days, and then cold again.  So we've had a week of days in the upper 50F's, and mid-60F's.... and what does that do for us????    (Picture from my son's flower bed yesterday)

Monday, February 9, 2015

A Day Late, And A Dollar....

OK...OK.   I KNOW I've not posted for a while...AGAIN!   Sometimes life gets in the way, and wraps its arms around me in such a way that I forget about everything.  But I finally got to do the random act of kindness for LAST WEEK's first posting..... today is the first time I've been through a drive thru in a while, and I bought lunch for the person behind me!   I saw them flashing their lights as I drove away.  Loved it!!

And just for the record regarding my absence from posting.....the object of all my attention has been a dull, nagging, ache in my mouth for weeks.... finally got to the dentist to discover a cracked tooth (even though all still attached).  So THIS week is the appointment to have it removed.  So yes, I've been pre-occupied mentally. Now on to the rest of this week and what it holds good and bad.