Sunday, January 25, 2015

Singing With "Elvis"

The gospel group I play guitar with finally had a SATURDAY night booking, so I got to go and play with them.  (Because I took the job as church music minister, I've had to give up attending their Sunday bookings---which is most of them!)  Anyway, it was a great little church and they included a big fish fry with all the trimmings for our supper!  We do sing for our supper a lot!!  The pastor came in to greet us, with jet black hair, and long sideburns.  Yep!  Thought of Elvis the moment I saw him.  He actually could sing, so we got him up as our program was ending to sing a couple of songs with us.  Talking with him afterwards, he told me that he was a bi-vocational pastor, and preached there on Sundays.  During the week, Monday thru Saturday, he is a professional "Elvis impersonator" and travels with his shows throughout SEVEN STATES here in the Southeast!  WOW!   To say I was surprised would be an understatement---not that there's anything wrong with it---just that I haven't crossed paths with ANYONE doing Elvis impersonations as a full-time way of making a living.  But now I have, and I'm proud to know him too!   Pastor Matt Higel does a great job with it.  And he sang good with us too!   And we did our best for the church as well.

 And we also ate up all their fish, grits, hush puppies, French fries, and fried apple pies!