Thursday, January 8, 2015

Long Live The King!

Today is Elvis Presley's birthday!  And he lives on in my memories.  I did a lot of singing along with him, and slow dancing with "girls" as we learned about the opposite sex.  And of course he was always a favorite whenever there was a heartbreak taking place.  So happy birthday, Elvis.  You are remembered, and still loved.

The Mrs. and I actually got to see Elvis LIVE in person at an auditorium when he looked like the guy in these pictures.  He had just kicked off his tour--which started in Hawaii, and was filmed and recorded live--and we saw him during that tour.  I would say it was his brightest moment, and he shined brightly too.  We got tickets--via mail only--and ended up sitting 13 rows back from the stage.  We were in awe.  And that locked us in for the rest of our lives apparently.  We still enjoy his music today, but in no way are we "fanatics."  We just love good music, and great singers.  And in our book, he's one of the best.