Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Getting Outside And Working

I know I've been staying cold lately, but yesterday FINALLY got enough direct bright sunshine that I was able to get warmed up all the way to my bones!  HAHAHA.... so I ventured outside and walked around for a little bit, making a mental note of all the work I have waiting on me!  Once I finished doing that, and walked full circle around the place, I got out my gloves and the old pruning shears, and went to work for several hours pruning MY MUSCADINE VINES..... (this is the BEFORE picture)

MY BLUEBERRY BUSHES........ (again, the BEFORE picture)

and my fruit trees.   (No picture of the fruit trees... thought it was redundant.)  Anyway, got them all done, and that major "winter" task is now checked off my list!   Now I'm ready to start planning my Spring garden!   HAHAHAHA.....