Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Being The Chauffeur

It's been one of those weeks!!  Well.... EVERY week is one of those weeks right now.....

6:30 - 8:30... meet 1st granddaughter to pick up great grandson and back home
9:00... rush ME to the gym for an hour of treadmill cardio
10:30... drop off 2nd granddaughter at college for class
2:00... pick up 2nd granddaughter at college after class
4:30 - 6:30... meet 1st granddaughter to deliver great grandson for the evening
Ok... that is all........

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Singing With "Elvis"

The gospel group I play guitar with finally had a SATURDAY night booking, so I got to go and play with them.  (Because I took the job as church music minister, I've had to give up attending their Sunday bookings---which is most of them!)  Anyway, it was a great little church and they included a big fish fry with all the trimmings for our supper!  We do sing for our supper a lot!!  The pastor came in to greet us, with jet black hair, and long sideburns.  Yep!  Thought of Elvis the moment I saw him.  He actually could sing, so we got him up as our program was ending to sing a couple of songs with us.  Talking with him afterwards, he told me that he was a bi-vocational pastor, and preached there on Sundays.  During the week, Monday thru Saturday, he is a professional "Elvis impersonator" and travels with his shows throughout SEVEN STATES here in the Southeast!  WOW!   To say I was surprised would be an understatement---not that there's anything wrong with it---just that I haven't crossed paths with ANYONE doing Elvis impersonations as a full-time way of making a living.  But now I have, and I'm proud to know him too!   Pastor Matt Higel does a great job with it.  And he sang good with us too!   And we did our best for the church as well.

 And we also ate up all their fish, grits, hush puppies, French fries, and fried apple pies! 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Cold, Rainy Day in Georgia

Well, the gorgeous 65F degree weather took a nose-dive last night, and the rains started around mid-night.... and it has not stopped yet!   Cold, east wind blowing, only 41F degrees all day long, and I've been out in it twice already running errands... and that's two times too many in my book!  But it's a good day for being inside where it's cozy and warm.  Big pot of chili is cooking on the stove.  Wooden trains are chugging all through the living room.  "Pa" is crawling around building, and rebuilding new layouts as the old one crumbles.  It's been a fun day I suppose, and I've managed to squeeze in a few minutes here and there on the computer.  Busy weekend ahead, but more on that later.  For now, I'm staying in, and staying warm.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fire In The Trees!


Our gorgeous sunset last night.... amazingly beautiful. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Getting Outside And Working

I know I've been staying cold lately, but yesterday FINALLY got enough direct bright sunshine that I was able to get warmed up all the way to my bones!  HAHAHA.... so I ventured outside and walked around for a little bit, making a mental note of all the work I have waiting on me!  Once I finished doing that, and walked full circle around the place, I got out my gloves and the old pruning shears, and went to work for several hours pruning MY MUSCADINE VINES..... (this is the BEFORE picture)

MY BLUEBERRY BUSHES........ (again, the BEFORE picture)

and my fruit trees.   (No picture of the fruit trees... thought it was redundant.)  Anyway, got them all done, and that major "winter" task is now checked off my list!   Now I'm ready to start planning my Spring garden!   HAHAHAHA.....

Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Inside---Family & Music

Still have that chilly wind blowing, even though it's in the 50F's around here, and the sun is shining.  I guess I'm just getting old, and that wind "chills me to the bones," as my Dad use to say.  So I spent most of the day on Saturday working on my family genealogy.  It's always fun, and always interesting to fill in just one more blank on the family charts.

Then all day long on SUNDAY it was music... church music... planning church music.... locating church music....  listening to church music.... practicing church music.....oh the work day of a music minister! 

Friday, January 16, 2015

No, I Did NOT Die!!

A week of being sick.... followed by another week of foggy, deary, misty rain (and cold temps).... and I totally went into hibernation mode!  Hey, it happens!  I'm a mammal.   I need warm sunshine.  I need that bright yellow/orange ball in the sky lighting up my days.  TODAY is the first sunshine I've seen in well over a week, and I am loving it!!  So maybe I'm going to make it.  Actually got my first email today about GARDENING, so maybe our Springtime isn't too far away.  I'm ready for it!!  (And much love to those that have been asking about me.  Thank you for caring.)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Long Live The King!

Today is Elvis Presley's birthday!  And he lives on in my memories.  I did a lot of singing along with him, and slow dancing with "girls" as we learned about the opposite sex.  And of course he was always a favorite whenever there was a heartbreak taking place.  So happy birthday, Elvis.  You are remembered, and still loved.

The Mrs. and I actually got to see Elvis LIVE in person at an auditorium when he looked like the guy in these pictures.  He had just kicked off his tour--which started in Hawaii, and was filmed and recorded live--and we saw him during that tour.  I would say it was his brightest moment, and he shined brightly too.  We got tickets--via mail only--and ended up sitting 13 rows back from the stage.  We were in awe.  And that locked us in for the rest of our lives apparently.  We still enjoy his music today, but in no way are we "fanatics."  We just love good music, and great singers.  And in our book, he's one of the best.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Woke Up SICK!!

Great day in church yesterday.  Great night of choir practice too.  So how did I come down off that "high" to wake up this morning to body aches, headache, and just generally YUKKIE!!!  One day is enough of this, but as the day winds down I'm worse now than I was this morning!  Thank you Mr. Flu-bug... Thank you so very much!!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Rainy Day Busy

Here in the South we have started this new year off with rain.  It was cloudy all day yesterday, and last night before we went to bed it had started raining.  And it's been raining all day long today--just light and steady most of the time, with an occasional heavier shower mixed in for good measure.  So what to do on a rainy day?  For most of my day today I have been sitting at my computer.  I've worked on music stuff for the church, chatted with several friends on Facebook, and finally got all of my DECEMBER family newsletters printed and ready for mailing.  Actually, this is just the final HALF of them... I did get the other half mailed back before Christmas!  Anyway, it's something I started doing about 5 years ago, and continue today with a quarterly mailing list of about 90 people.  Most of the mailing list are cousins---1st--2nd--and 3rd in some cases, along with various degrees of Aunts and Uncles thrown in for good measure.  I sure do enjoy discovering new cousins out there too!  Got a bunch I've found on Facebook that I've been chatting with all year---MEETING them in person is one of my goals for 2015.  Anyway, this is how I've spent most of this rainy day--busy! 

Thursday, January 1, 2015