Wednesday, December 31, 2014

That's A Wrap!!

And just like that.... like the snapping of our fingers.... 2014 is over!   Now I know why my parents always told me, "if you think time is flying by now, just wait until you're older!"  And boy was THAT ever a true statement!   I know the same amount of time happens for all of us, but somehow it just seems to be happening faster than I can even comprehend all of it.  There's months that go by that I seem to be able to only account for two weeks worth of things that happened!  And I wonder where the other two weeks went!!  Anyway, not to belabor a point, but thank God for His blessings on my family in 2014.  It wasn't a bad year for us, and not tooooooo many bumps in the road this year.  So I'm going to just close it out, and quietly look back at.....

....I moved to a new church as their minister of music
....We only attended two or three FUNERALS this year...unlike years past (whew)
....I got several projects around the house completed
....I had a very successful gardening season...freezers still full, canning jars still in the pantry
and finally, but certainly not least.....