Monday, December 15, 2014

Sunday Full of MUSIC

As a music minister, Christmas is probably the busiest time of the year as church music goes.  And my Sunday was no exception to that!  Our little church choir did an outstanding--outstanding!--job on presenting our Christmas music program on Sunday morning.  Someone video taped a few of the songs, so I wanted to share our "opening number" with anyone interested in listening.  Of course, you only get to see "the other side of me" through all of it, but you can tell I enjoy what I do!!  (Click here for the link to the video in Facebook)

And then Sunday afternoon I drove for about two hours to attend my buddy's church, where HE is the music minister, and watch and enjoy their Christmas program Sunday evening.  Afterwards we all went to dinner together before my two hour drive back home.  A great day of music!  Great day!!