Saturday, November 29, 2014

TREE Shopping.... And Then.....

We were invited to join our granddaughter, her boyfriend, and little Gavin this morning for an outing to one of our local Christmas Tree farms.  We met them and drove around the entire area, finally parked and moved in for closer inspection of the trees closest to us.  Gavin took off in a dash, exclaiming he would find one.

 Some 30 minutes later, he finally DID settle on one that wasn't bad at all, and it was cut and taken to the checkout area.

After loading it in their truck, they headed directly home where it was immediately put up, and the decorating began.  Myself, the Mrs., our daughter, and granddaughter, however, headed on up the highway a bit for lunch at Burger King.  And I enjoyed that greatly!  The Whopper is my favorite!  After lunch, I was coerced into a shopping trip.... "can we stop by the store?"   Yep.  A female shopping trip:   One store.... one hour.   Second store.... Another hour.  And there was no fast walking involved anywhere in those two hours.  Snail pace at best.   Finally, with just a few items in our carts, we checked out, and headed for home.  And here I sit now as I unwind and relax from the day.  I really DO love Christmas though.  Really, I do.