Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Reclaiming The Old Me

Yes, I still remember the "good old days" of a young, solidly built muscular 19-year old football player.   Here I was 6'1" weighing in at 195 lbs!  All muscle!   We all .... yes ALL... yearn for those "glory days."  I can proudly say I have always kept in pretty good shape... sometimes by hard work, sometimes by accident, and sometimes just because of my genes.  But it's been nice.  However, over the years, age caught up with me, and I got lazy at exercising, and keeping myself disciplined.  Somewhere along the way I also fell in love with a huge bowl full of ice cream every night at 9:00.  Something snapped me to my senses back in August.  Don't know what it was, but I'm glad it did.  I joined a local gym to begin the task of RECLAIMING THE OLD ME!   I also vowed to make some "life changes".... NOT a diet by any stretch of the imagination... but just make some changes.   I immediately stopped the ice cream at night.  And I have NOT had another bowl since then either.   Today I am down 20 pounds!!  Small victory, but a victory non-the-less. I'm encouraged.  I'm continuing the reclaiming!