Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday: A Day In The Life....

This morning I was at the gym bright and early... well... 8:30 anyway!  By then I had already been out and about since 6:30 (on a FRIDAY!!),  cooked breakfast for myself and 2 of the 3 ladies in our house!   Sorry about the smudges on the mirror!!  Actually you're getting an "accidental selfie."  I wasn't ready, and didn't review it for a second and better chance... what you see is what you get today!

AND THEN.... home in time to watch little great-grandson for a little bit.  He had a "sleep-over" at "Pa's house," and he must have slept great because he was running wide open today!!  And as always, Pa had to build him a train track around the living room with his Thomas and Friends trains.  He's got a pile of them too.  (This was taken before the "extra" pieces in the middle were picked up--I stopped to grab my cell phone camera!)

AND THEN..... after lunch I had a whole bunch of leaves to get up!  I chose--this year--to not rake them, but to go ahead and mulch them with my bagger/mulching mower.  It sure went a whole lot faster than last year too!   I've still got three huge pecan trees to do, as well as four big oak trees.  Don't know where I'm going to put them all.  Today's effort filled up one of my two compost bins.  The other one is not going to hold all I have to put in there either!!

                                                                                                 ~THE END~