Saturday, November 22, 2014

"Black Gold.... "

I was out mulching more leaves this afternoon.  I was hoping to get them all finished today before the rain comes in tomorrow, but THAT didn't happen.  One delay was emptying out my half-full compost bin so I would have somewhere to put the new leaves.  And I just had to take a picture of my naturally made, dark BLACK compost.  No much there but rotting leaves from the year before!!


Wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow load was taken to one of the empty garden beds and dumped there.  Next week, when I have some time, I'll rake it down level, and then till it all in nice and neat.  Oh, and I found about 50 grub-worms in there too.. nice and fat.  My chicken, "Girlie," enjoyed every one I took her.  Maybe she'll reward me with an egg this week! (She's not been laying lately.  Maybe the cold weather.)