Monday, November 17, 2014

A Musical Day

With all the "work" things I seem to always be doing around the house, and then trying to help out others here and there as well, I stay very busy.  Sunday's are no exception.  Being a music minister at a small Baptist church makes my Sunday pretty much a "work day."  But since I am totally consumed and passionate about music, it never feels like a work day at all.... until the day is over, and it's 9:00 in the evening, and I can hardly keep my eyes open!   But I love what I do.  And right now--well for the last two months--we have been rehearsing for our Christmas program.  Christmas music every Sunday night.  And last night---well, last night was awesome!   Choir is singing out much better, songs are coming together,  winding down on "new" songs being added, and now really beginning to get some of them polished and shined and ready to present on December 14th.  I'm already beyond excited!!  Can you tell?